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Our Constitution

"Our Constitution" is a booklet that contains the entire U.S. Constitution with comments by the author on each section and amendment to help make it clear what the authors of the Constitution intended. The price is for single copies. Discounts are available for purchases of 11 or more copies. Information about the discounts and how to order is on the home page.

  • A booklet on the Constitution that sets forth each article and amendment and is followed by comments about the real meaning of each of the sections. This is designed to be easily understood, and clear up many of the misconceptions about the meaning of our Constitution that are currently being taught in schools and perpetuated by elements of the media. We already have a number of people who have purchased it for distributon to students. Here is an excerpt from the booklet:  "Comments: Many people believe that the First Amendment to the Constitution is a cornerstone of the Bill of Rights, because it lists and protects five essential rights of individuals. The founding fathers who drafted this amendment did not consider these rights as being granted to the people by the government. Instead, they viewed them as inalienable rights that belong to all individuals, and, therefore, cannot be limited by any government. We will look at the five rights one a time."
  •  The booklet is available to be ordered. You can order single copies though paypal on this website. Discounts are available for multiple copies as follows:

1-10 copies          $6.00 each

11-25 copies        $5.75 each

26-50 copies        $5.50 each

51-100 copies      $5.25 each

Over 100 copies  $5.00 each

 For multiple copy orders add 4% to the total amount of the order to help cover shipping and handling charges. Checks for orders should be made out to the Constitutional Law Alliance and mailed to the corporate office, P.O Box 1266, Canton, TX 75103.

Editorial review by renowned radio talk show host Kevin Lehmann:

"Your new expository booklet, “Our Constitution” is nothing short of brilliant. Replete with commentary on every section, including all 27 Amendments, I learned more about the original intent of our founding forefathers sacred document in the one hour it took to me read it, than from anything else. And the fact that it’s only a 4x6 booklet makes it the perfect pocket companion. It’s already got the wear and tear of a good ole expository Bible, and I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks. I especially like the fact that your excellent commentary is short, concise and unambiguous. Unlike other Constitutional expository works that I’ve read, you don’t reinterpret the original meaning to fit your presuppositions and that requires intellectual integrity. I have come to admire your expert Constitutional writings and blog posts over the past two years, and this booklet doesn’t disappoint. In a sound bite world where America finds itself sliding down the slippery slope of socialism, it’s imperative that every American be educated on the proper meaning of our most cherished document. Your new booklet not only fits the bill, it should fill the pocket of every American who values freedom, liberty and justice for all!"